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Free help for our members

Where to start

Do you have a problem with a product or service? Our consumer rights and advice pages are the place to start.

How we can help

If you haven't found the answer in our articles or templates, CHOICE members can ask us for: 

  • guidance if you have a complaint about a consumer product or service
  • information sources to empower you when dealing with retailers, manufacturers and service providers
  • advice on the appropriate agency to lodge a complaint.

Get CHOICE Help by emailing our Customer Service Team at

What we cannot provide

While we will do our best to support you and point you in the right direction, we cannot:

  • guarantee an outcome
  • give you legal advice
  • give you general or personal financial advice
  • provide financial counselling services
  • represent you in a court or tribunal or other legal setting
  • contact retailers, manufacturers and service providers on your behalf.

Who we can help

We can help you if you're an individual CHOICE member

We can't help institutional members (schools, organisations or others with group memberships) through CHOICE Help.

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