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  • CHOICE tester testing prams on rig
    About CHOICE

    Who is CHOICE?

    We are the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia.
    We want your voice to be heard loud and clear when it comes to anything consumer-related, from saving money to choosing the best products and services for your family.
    Independent and member-funded, CHOICE is here to ensure that Australian consumers like you get a fair go.
  • The CHOICE story

    Established over 60 years ago, CHOICE exists to serve Australian consumers. Read about our history and the values that guide us.
  • How CHOICE is run

    CHOICE is the public face of the Australian Consumers' Association, a nonprofit company limited by guarantee.
  • Testing, editorial and research

    We test, research and conduct investigations to bring you the best and latest advice on what to buy, and what to avoid.
  • CHOICE media

    Our media team is responsible for what you hear, see and read about CHOICE across traditional media platforms, online and via social media.
  • Careers

    Working with CHOICE means more than working with Australia's leading consumer champion; working with us means improving people's lives every day.
  • Products and services

    Members are offered access to hundreds of reports and tests, and some CHOICE services. Find out what we offer businesses too.
  • Super Consumers Australia

    Super Consumers Australia at CHOICE is Australia's first dedicated and independent superannuation consumer advocacy organisation.