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The CHOICE Recommended program

Our endorsement program recognises products and services that have performed at a high level in our testing and achieved 'Recommended' status. Qualifying brands can use our logo on their products and advertisements under strict approval and licensing conditions. There are four categories.

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CHOICE Best Brand

Choice Best Brand generic logo

Our coveted Best Brand recognises the best-performing brand in a product category. It's based on a heavily weighted criteria, calculated on the number of Recommended products in that category, how well they perform across all models, and brand reliability based on consumer feedback.

CHOICE Recommended

Choice recommended generic logo

Products that score highly in our tests qualify for a ‘CHOICE Recommended’ rating, which is indicated online and in our magazine reviews. Rating criteria vary across product categories, so please see our review pages for details.

CHOICE Consumers' Choice

Consumers choice generic logo

In addition to extensive testing, CHOICE also uses vital member surveys to gauge customer satisfaction with products in the market. This logo is a recognition of the best-performing products, as voted by our member base.

CHOICE Recommended Provider

Recommended provider generic logo

Encompassing the services sector, this category weighs up price, product features and performances to find the best value product in the market.

How the program works

  • Manufacturers and brands can apply for a non-exclusive licence to use a CHOICE Recommended logo in their marketing, if their product or service is recommended by our experts and published on
  • Licences are valid for six or 12 months, depending on how frequently we review the product or service.
  • Fees are invested in further CHOICE testing and research.
  • Fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

How we maintain independence and integrity 

Wherever possible, we buy the products test anonymously. The CHOICE Recommended program is a byproduct of our testing and doesn’t determine what products we test.

We remain fiercely independent, proudly nonprofit and non-partisan. Funds from licence fees don't influence CHOICE's ratings and 100% of the money goes toward our nonprofit mission.

The fee structure depends on the length of the licence, number of products licensed by the same manufacturer and the nature of use.

Contact us

For more information on the program, categories or licensing fees, please email us at