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  • 10 campaign wins you made happen - lead image

    Campaign wins for all Australians

    For more than 60 years, CHOICE supporters have been fighting for fair, safe and just markets. And thanks to people power, we've had some amazing wins.

    Scroll through the timeline below to see some of our most recent actions.

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  • MAY 2022

    Button battery thongs recalled

    Thanks to the CHOICE member, Tracey, who got in touch with a worrying product:  children’s light-up thongs with soles that were wearing through to expose dangerous button batteries. We alerted the ACCC, and Big W agreed to recall the products. 

  • MAY 2022

    Ultiqa taken to task – again

    The Federal Court found timeshare provider Ultiqa breached financial services laws when signing up customers. We’ve made 5 complaints to ASIC about misconduct in the timeshare industry, including a complaint in 2017 about the conduct of Ultiqa.

  • APRIL 2022

    High-risk financial products stay banned

    After we called for regulation, ASIC announced a 5-year extension of the product intervention power restricting the sale of harmful and high-risk financial products called contracts for difference. This will protect consumers from financial harm. 

  • April 2022

    Better protections on resold tickets

    Thanks to consumer pressure, the government introduced a new Information Standard. Now, companies reselling event tickets need to disclose the original value of the ticket what you’re buying  so you aren’t left ripped off.
  • February 2022

    Tinder promises fairer pricing

    In 2020, CHOICE and our international counterparts found Tinder Plus users in 5 out of 6 countries were paying more depending on their age. Now, Tinder has promised to stop charging consumers different prices based on age, but hasn’t yet committed to stopping all price discrimination.

  • november 2021

    New rights for NSW travellers

    NSW introduces a minimum information standard to help people better understand what will happen if their trip is cancelled. It is the first state to act on the cancellation chaos caused by COVID-19.

  • OCTober 2021

    Timeshare taken to task

    Troubled company Ultiqa faces court for allegedly breaching financial advice laws following a 2017 complaint from CHOICE. The timeshare industry is now on notice: to clean up harmful sales practices or risk more legal action.

  • october 2021

    Commonwealth Bank drops Dollarmites

    The CBA announces it will no longer run dodgy school marketing scheme the Dollarmites. This comes off the back of 4 states and territories banning bank-run school marketing schemes.

  • October 2021

    Private health funds return COVID profits

    The big 5 health insurers announce they will give refunds for profits made while customers couldn't access health services.

  • september 2021

    Refunds for landlord insurer ‘robodebt’

    Chubb and GIO Insurance drop claims against renters for damage they didn’t cause. This comes after CHOICE reveals unfairness in the landlord insurance market. Now the pressure is on for industry-wide reform.

  • september 2021

    Funeral company pays penalty for misleading fees

    The ACCC continues to stamp out unfair fees in the funeral sector, penalising Alex Gow Funerals for allegedly misleading consumers on funeral pricing. 

  • august 2021

    Mamakiddies Happy Dino Portable Travel Cot recalled

    CHOICE testing discovers the portacot has suffocation, strangulation and limb-entrapment risks. The product is recalled, meaning it can no longer be sold in shops, online or in secondary markets.

  • JULY 2021

    CHOICE calls for seven solutions to travel chaos

    A landmark CHOICE report calls for 7 sensible changes to Australian travel regulations, putting the power back into the hands of consumers. The solutions are welcomed by Rex airlines and independent politicians.

  • JUNE 2021

    Safe lending saved (for now)

    The laws that would remove safe lending protections are stuck in the Senate thanks to CHOICE supporters and not-for-profit allies persuading cross-bench Senators to protect consumers. 

  • JUNE 2021

    Super reforms to secure your future

    Super Consumers Australia helped the “Your Super, Your Future” reforms pass parliament. They’ll save an estimated $17.9 bn over 10 years by ending costly duplicate accounts, getting rid of poor-performing funds and making it easier for people to find better options via a new comparison tool.

  • MAY 2021

    Mosaic fined for selling dud sanitiser

    Last year a CHOICE member tipped us off to dodgy hand sanitiser being sold by Mosaic Brands. After our tests revealed the label was misleading, Mosaic was fined $630,000 for selling hand sanitiser without enough alcohol and will refund customers. 

  • april 2021

    Win for fair fire definitions 

    Thanks to community pressure, all major Australian home and contents insurers with previously bad definitions of fire have made or committed to making their definitions fairer.

  • april 2021

    QLD and ACT ban Dollarmites 

    Two new jurisdictions will end school marketing schemes like Dollarmites. Now it’s time for other states and territories to step up and end programs targeted at Australian kids.

  • MARCH 2021

    Hitachi customers awarded cash back

    When CHOICE lab tests found some Hitachi fridges used more energy than claimed, the regulator forced the company to hand customers back $174 to reflect the extra cost of using the product.

  • March 2021

    Funeral company fined 

    Propel Funeral Partners was issued an infringement notice by the ACCC for making false and misleading claims about the "local and independent" ownership. The fine comes after CHOICE discovered instances of misinformation and poor transparency in the sector. 

  • December 2020

    Mandatory standards for button batteries

    A huge step forward for our product safety campaign. New regulations for products containing button batteries will help reduce the serious risk that these small but dangerous items pose to young children.

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