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Clothes dryers to avoid buying

It's back to the 'drying board' for these low scorers in our lab test.

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Last updated: 03 August 2022

It can be hard to sort the winners from the wet blankets when it comes to finding the best clothes dryer for your home. 

Dryers are also quite energy-hungry appliances, which means you'll cop bigger power bills for your dryer's lifespan if you pick poorly. 

Mohamed in laundry lab 1

Dry hard: Our experts have tested clothes dryers for years in our dedicated lab.

Here at CHOICE, we don't want anyone to be left high and dry by average products – so our experts review the most popular clothes dryers on the market meticulously in our labs. 

We evaluate key indicators including drying time and energy efficiency, and we analyse and compare features, cycle times, running costs, noise levels and lots more to help you choose better. 

CHOICE members can access all this info in our full clothes dryer reviews. But just so you don't have to deal with a disappointing dryer, we asked our testers to reveal the worst performers in our test.

fisher paykel de7060g2

All the features in the world couldn't save this Fisher & Paykel from winning the wooden spoon.

1. Fisher & Paykel DE7060G2

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 66%
  • Price: $849
  • Load capacity: 7kg

This Fisher & Paykel boasts plenty of handy features including child lock control, automatic dry sensor, anti-crease program and delayed start.

Unfortunately, those bells and whistles are undone by this vented unit's actual drying performance and power consumption. 

Scores for energy efficiency and drying time were fairly ordinary overall, earning it the last-place ranking in our lab test. You can definitely do better for the price.

Read our full Fisher & Paykel DE7060G2 clothes dryer review.

haier hdv70e1

The HDV70E1: Haier by name, lower by score.

2. Haier HDV70E1

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 67%
  • Price: $795
  • Load capacity: 7kg

Uncannily, this model and the Fisher & Paykel above have almost identical features – and performed equally average in our tests. 

Both received the same middling score in our energy-efficiency test, but the Haier scored one percentage point better for drying time. For what it's worth, it's also notably cheaper than the Fisher & Paykel.

Read our full Haier HDV70E1 clothes dryer review.

beko bdc710w

Dryer beware: This Beko condenser underwhelmed our expert testers.

3. Beko BDC710W condenser

  • CHOICE Expert Rating: 67%
  • Price: $949
  • Load capacity: 7kg

This Beko is a condenser dryer, which means it collects moisture from the hot exhaust into a reservoir or drain, rather than pumping it into the air (so there's less dampness and chance of mould in your laundry). 

Condensers are more complicated machines and usually more expensive. Sadly, our tests found this model scored the same as more traditional vented dryers and even came with fewer features and programs.

The Beko did score better in our drying-time test, but it lost marks for energy efficiency. It was also notably noisy when operating. 

Read our full Beko BDC710W clothes dryer review.

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