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Best freestanding ovens (with cooktop)

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Last updated: 13 April 2023


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A freestanding oven is a combination of oven and cooktop. We lab test dual fuel (fully electric oven and gas cooktop) and fully electric (fully electric oven with either ceramic or induction cooktop) models to find the best performers on the market.  

Our test results will tell you which freestanding ovens:

  • are the best overall performers
  • excel in a range of oven and cooktop performance tests
  • are easiest to use
  • are easiest to clean.

We've also partnered with Shop Ethical on this update to show the ratings the Ethical Consumer Group gives to each company.

Is a wall oven a better fit for your kitchen? Our general ovens buying guide will help you decide.

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If you do a lot of entertaining or have a large family to cook for, a 90cm model will be a good option. But if you have less space to play with or just don't need a big oven and cooktop, then a 60cm model may be a better choice.

We also note important features such as grills, child locks, internal and external dimensions, and construction materials. Our Recommended list will show you at a glance which ovens come out on top.

Some models shown in this review are from previous tests and are no longer available in stores. We've kept these test results available for people who may be shopping for a second-hand oven. To view discontinued models, select 'Discontinued' under the 'Related products' filters on the left-hand side.

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    Dual fuel models have an electric oven and gas cooktop. Electric models have an electric oven and electric (ceramic, induction or solid hotplate) cooktop.


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      The cooktop can be gas, ceramic, induction or solid hotplate.

        Width (cm)

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        Oven width measured in centimeters (cm).

          Number of cooking zones

            Oven running costs over 10 years

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            Based on using the oven at 170°C for one hour, three times per week for 10 years at 30c/kWh. Where available, the fan-forced function is used to calculate; if not, the fan-assist is used.

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            Shop Ethical Rating

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            Shop Ethical rates the environmental and social impact of the company (not the product) using independent sources. This rating is not included in our total score. N/A means there is no rating for that company.

              Included in this review

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              • Recommended
              • CHOICE Expert Rating
              • Oven performance score
              • Cooktop performance score
              • Oven ease of use score
              • Cooktop ease of use score
              • Oven running costs over 10 years
              • Grilling score
              • Multiple shelf baking score
              • Low temperature baking score
              • Roasting score
              • High temperature base cooking score
              • Turn-down score
              • Low temperature cooking score
              • High temperature/wok cooking score
              • Melting chocolate score
              • Measured internal oven dimensions (H x W x D, mm)
              • Measured internal oven volume (L)
              • Boil time (min:sec)
              • Good points
              • Bad points
              • Ease of changing oven light
              • Instructions
              • Flexi zone
              • Shop Ethical Rating
              • Extendable cooking zone
              • Drop-down grill element for cleaning
              • Glass can be removed
              • Rapid heating
              • Number of oven baking trays
              • Dual cooking zone
              • Bottom element
              • Door can be removed
              • Cooking zone size (diameter, cm)
              • Meat probe
              • Control type for the cooktop
              • Control type for the oven
              • Pause or stop and go setting
              • Top and bottom element
              • Viewing through door
              • Fingerprint resistant
              • Preheat indicator
              • Power boost
              • Number of oven shelves
              • Recommended pan size (cm)
              • Easy to view food on top shelf
              • Grill safety guard
              • Steam clean
              • Rotisserie
              • Price
              • Width (cm)
              • Number of cooking zones
              • Cooking zone configuration
              • Cooktop material
              • Claimed external dimensions (H x W x D, mm)
              • Internal light
              • Clock
              • Timer
              • Cooktop residual heat indicator
              • Childproof lock
              • Self-cleaning surfaces (catalytic liners)
              • Self-cleaning function (pyrolytic)
              • Smokeless grill tray
              • Telescopic runners
              • Storage drawer
              • Automatic programming
              • Flame failure protection
              • Fan forced
              • Fan assist
              • Fan grill
              • Grill only
              • Half grill
              • Defrost
              • Pizza mode
              • Turbo
              • Top element
              • Steam function
              • Trivet type
              • Claimed element wattage (kW)
              • Claimed burner rating (MJ/hr)
              • Warranty (years)
              • Country of origin


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