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Washer dryer combo reviews

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Last updated: 21 July 2021


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A washer and dryer in one almost sounds too good to be true. We find out if they live up to the promise of laundry utopia by seeing how well they work, putting their washing and drying performance to the test in our labs.

Get advice on what to look for in a washer dryer combo, or how to get the best out of your current model, with our washer dryer pros and cons.

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Through our rigorous lab testing, we reveal which washer dryers:

  • do the best job of washing your clothes
  • rinse detergents out most thoroughly
  • use the most water and energy to dry
  • use the least water and energy to wash
  • are gentle on your clothes.

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    Wash capacity (kg)

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    The claimed washing capacity of a washer dryer. Note that drying capacity is less than the washing capacity in all machines, so you may need to dry in two goes if washing a full load.

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    Drying capacity (kg)

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    The claimed drying capacity of a washer dryer. Note that dryer capacity is lower than the washing capacity in all machines due to the need for air to circulate when drying.

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    • Overall score
    • Drying performance
    • Wash performance
    • Running cost/10 yrs
    • Dirt removal score
    • Rinse performance score
    • Gentleness score
    • Water efficiency score
    • Spin efficiency score
    • Dryer energy efficiency
    • Drying time
    • Water used (L)
    • Energy used (kWh)
    • Cycle time (mins)
    • Noise (dBA)
    • Brand reliability score
    • Brand satisfaction score
    • Purchase price + running costs (10 yrs)
    • Good points
    • Bad points
    • Price
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Type
    • Capacity (dry, kg)
    • Capacity (wash, kg)
    • Tested capacity
    • Program tested
    • Coldest wash for normal program
    • Fast program
    • Gentle or delicates program
    • Auto-sensing water level
    • Out-of-balance correction
    • Selectable spin speed
    • Machine-washable woollens
    • Handwash-only woollens
    • Extra rinse
    • Lint filter
    • Delay time
    • Time remaining display
    • Add items after start
    • Energy label - wash program
    • Energy label - dry program
    • Energy label - wash energy (kWh/yr)
    • Energy label - dry energy (kWh/yr)
    • Energy - wash stars
    • Energy - dryer stars
    • Water label - wash water (L)
    • Water label - dryer water (L)
    • Water - washer stars
    • Tap connection
    • Minimum water pressure (kPa)
    • Maximum hot water inlet temp (°C)
    • Maximum speed (rpm)
    • Dimensions (cm, HxWxD)
    • Similar models
    • Differences
    • Warranty (yrs)
    • Origin

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