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Robot lawnmower reviews

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Last updated: 11 July 2022


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A robot lawnmower is no lightweight purchase, and with so many options to consider it can be hard to pick one that's easy to operate and good at actually cutting the grass. 

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We review robot mowers priced between $1299 to $3639. Our rigorous testing helps you choose the model that's:

  • best for a standard lawn
  • best for damp grass and long grass
  • easiest to use.
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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Recommended or typical retail price at the time of testing.

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    Mower weight (kg)

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    Standard lawn score

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    We test on what we define as a standard lawn (200sqm) of 40–50mm long grass which is tested over a four-week period. 

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    Noise score

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    Noise is broken down into operation noise measured (50%) and subjective evaluation at 10m from mower (50%).

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    • Overall score
    • Performance score
    • Standard lawn score
    • Damp grass score
    • Long grass score
    • Uneven lawn score
    • Sloping lawn score
    • Battery efficiency score
    • Convenience score
    • Installing and using score
    • App score
    • Noise score
    • Operating noise measured
    • Subjective noise evaluation
    • Instructions score
    • Construction score
    • Safety score
    • Maximum lawn size (sqm)
    • Maximum incline
    • Rated cutting width
    • Sound level
    • Battery type
    • Capacity (Ah)
    • Use time (min)
    • Charging time (min)
    • Automatically recharges
    • Alarm
    • Rain sensor
    • Security code
    • Handle
    • Mower dimensions
    • Mower weight
    • Base station dimensions
    • Base station weight
    • Good points
    • Bad points
    • Price

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