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Peanut butter taste test

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Last updated: 21 September 2018


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Peanut butter is a pantry staple that's so versatile it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between – in both savoury and sweet dishes. And whether you're team smooth or team crunchy, you're well catered for by the many brands that make it. So which peanut butter tastes best? We put the flagship products from nine popular brands to the public vote.

  • Altogether we bought 60 peanut butter products from supermarkets and compared their ingredients, nutrients and label claims. Want to know which products are healthiest, 100% Australian or contain the most peanuts for the lowest price? See our buying guide.
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Our taste test

  • Products

    We chose nine peanut butters available nationally in at least one of the major supermarket chains. Where a brand has multiple products we chose their standard 'flagship' or bestseller over their more niche products such as 'dark roast', 'American style', 'light' or 'organic'. For comparison purposes we selected 'smooth' style over 'crunchy' style as smooth has a larger share of the peanut butter market.  
  • Tasting

    We set up a blind tasting in a shopping centre in Campbelltown, NSW, and invited members of the public to participate. Each product was assigned a number and its brand concealed. For each sample tasted, people decided if they disliked, liked or loved it. A total of 365 samples were tasted and voted on across the nine peanut butter products. A minimum of 33 taste tests were completed per product. 
  • Scores

    The 'Taste score' is calculated as an average of all responses, where 'dislike' is scaled at 25, 'like' at 70 and 'love' at 100.
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