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Pedestal and tower fan reviews

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Last updated: 17 December 2021


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Keep things cool with an energy-efficient pedestal or tower fan. We independently lab test pedestal and tower fans from popular brands like Dyson, Sunbeam and Kmart to help you decide which one will cool you down best during summer. 

Our top 10 cooling tips will show you how to beat the heat.

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Our tests cover $15 supermarket fans to $800 models with air purifiers. While our scores only focus on airflow, we also list useful features such as: 

  • which fans have timers and remote controls
  • how much the fans oscillate
  • how noisy the fans are at low and high speeds.

We calculate the airflow for circular pedestal fans using a different formula to the tower fans which are generally a rectangular shape. 

Scores may be rescaled from year to year if we have data from more efficient models. You can choose the type you prefer using our filters on the left.

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      We work out the fan's annual running cost by assuming two hours of use at max level each day, then continuous use for eight hours on low level each night, for three months (92 days). Energy is charged at 30c/kWh.

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      Remote control

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      Remote controls are handy so you don't have to physically get up to change settings. Make sure any button battery compartments are secured with a screw or require two deliberate actions to open to prevent children from accessing them.

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