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Laptop and tablet reviews

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Last updated: 06 July 2022


Checked for accuracy by our qualified fact-checkers and verifiers. Find out more about fact-checking at CHOICE.

Laptops, or notebook computers, cover several unofficial categories from budget models to ultraportable (including ultrabooks), family all-rounders, convertible 2-in-1 models (that also work as tablets), and even tablets that work as laptops by adding a detachable keyboard. Note that some devices may score better as tablets than laptops, and vice versa.

How to view the best laptops: The main score displayed is for laptop use. To view and compare the tablet use scores alongside laptop use scores, sort by 'Tablet use score' using the 'Sorted by' dropdown menu.

How to view the best tablets: To see which tablets and 2-in-1s we recommend as tablets, tick the 'Recommended for tablet use' box in the left-hand side column. 

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Our expert testers compare each model head-to-head to find the laptops, 2-in-1s and tablet/keyboard combos that:

  • are the best performers
  • are easiest to set up and use
  • have the best specs and features.

Our interactive comparison tool helps you find which models have the specs and features you're looking for, such as the crucially important battery life and charging time, types of connection ports, weight and performance. System specifications listed are as tested, but minor specifications can change quickly and available models in the same family may differ slightly in model name, specs (e.g. colour, RAM, storage capacity) and price.

Note that the performance scores of models which are discontinued were based on older benchmarks, so for discontinued models the performance score and the CHOICE Expert Rating cannot be compared with current models.

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List of brands we tested in this review.


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    Purchase price at time of testing. Note that prices may change quickly in this category and can vary significantly between vendors, so shop around. Prices will also vary if a model is available as refurbished. Where a tablet has a keyboard (even if optional) the price shown includes the cost of the tablet and keyboard.

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    Recommended for tablet use

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    Recommended for tablet use includes 2-in-1s and tablets (with keyboard) which have a Tablet use score of at least 75%.

      Operating system

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      The operating system (OS) that came with the computer (updated/patched to latest version before testing).

        Tablet mode

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        The device can be used in laptop mode (with keyboard) or tablet mode (touchscreen only) with or without a stylus.


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          If the laptop has a touchscreen. Note that not all touchscreen laptops are convertible (2-in-1) models that can be used as tablets.

            Screen size (inches)

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            Measured diagonally, in inches.

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            Included in this review

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            • Recommended
            • Recommended for tablet use
            • Overall score
            • Tablet use score
            • Performance score
            • Ease of use score
            • Battery life score
            • Display score
            • Audio score
            • Wi-Fi score
            • Storage write-speed (MBps)
            • Storage read-speed (MBps)
            • Wi-Fi speed (MBps)
            • Average battery life (heavy usage, h:min)
            • Charging time to 80 percent hmin
            • Charging time to 100 percent full (h:min)
            • Good points
            • Bad points
            • Tester comments
            • Price
            • Screen size (inches)
            • Native screen resolution (pixels)
            • Processor (CPU) type
            • CPU frequency (GHz)
            • RAM (GB)
            • Video graphics type
            • Screen finish
            • Touchscreen
            • Storage capacity (GB)
            • Available user space (GB)
            • Storage type
            • Wi-Fi type
            • Weight of laptop (kg)
            • Weight of power supply (kg)
            • Size H x D x W (mm)
            • USB 2.0 ports
            • USB 3.0 ports
            • USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen 1 or 2, not Thunderbolt 3 or 4) ports
            • Thunderbolt 3 or 4 (as USB-C) port
            • Thunderbolt 2 port
            • SD card slot (full-size)
            • SD card slot (micro)
            • HDMI port
            • Mini HDMI port
            • Micro HDMI port
            • Gigabit ethernet port
            • Rear camera
            • Windows Hello available
            • Backlit keyboard levels of brightness
            • Ultraportable
            • Ultrabook
            • Tablet mode
            • Operating system
            • Country of origin


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